Miele S5 1 Year Supply Kit

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Miele S5 1 Year Supply Kit Description

Product Description We have conveniently assembled this kit for all the supplies your Miele S5 Galaxy vacuum needs on a yearly basis. This item is a supply kit for all S5000 series canisters including: S5180 Ariel, S5280 Pisces, S5280 Callisto, S5380 Gemini, S5580 Aquarius, and S5980 Capricorn Product Features 4 boxes of 4 bags(16 total) Miele GN Vacuum Bags part# 05588940 5 Miele Pre-Motor Filters (1 per box of bags) 5 Miele Super Air-Clean filters part #03944710 1 Miele Miele Galaxy S5000 Series AH-50 Active HEPA Filter part #05996882 Miele Genuine Filters and Bags

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